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Jul 14, 2021 - Jul 29, 2021

50-Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

  • 16Days


Over the next 50 days you are going to be challenged mentally and physically. You have the decision to either conquer the challenge and prove to yourself that you can do anything you set your mind too, or you are going to quit. Our goal is to keep you 100% motivated and accountable by being in the gym and smashing your nutrition & fitness goal. The point of this challenge is to get you on the right track by making smart food choices. This allows you to see fast results by using specific anthropometric data provided by research to help you maximize results. We are extremely excited that you have chosen us to help you, guide you, and push you past your limits... even on the days that you feel unmotivated and disheartened. If you follow the directions provided, you WILL see amazing changes. This is a more realistic goal that is able to be maintained over a longer period of time and not just through the challenge. If you have any questions please contact your Fitness & Nutrition professionals as they may have extra tools and tips to help you through the process. Sincerely, HYP4FITNESS Team!

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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