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One program should never be the same for every person. Therefore, it is important to provide the relevant information, so that your customized program is specific to your needs. All workout programs will change every 4 weeks based upon your progress.
The program created will be sent directly to you. Upon completion, you will schedule a time to consult with your trainer. This gives them the opportunity to learn more about you and explain the program in detail. We want you to have all the tools and questions answered before you start your program. Your trainer will be in contact with you weekly. This will help keep you accountable, motivated and make any necessary changes.
The relationship you have with your trainer is unique. It is EXTREMELY important that you communicate with them if you have questions or want changes to be made (they cannot read your mind). They are there for you at all times. DO NOT hesitate to tell them what you want or how you feel (everyone has room to grow).


  • Our clients are committed

  • We keep them motivated

  • We make adjustments as needed to help them enjoy each and every workout.

  • Each program is precisely designed according to scientific research.

  • We employ strategies to help maintain progression to optimize growth.

  • We train them as specific percentages to optimize strength and muscle growth.

If you are ready to join HYP4FITNESS. We would love to help you achieve your desired goal.
Please fill out the form below! You will be contacted within 24 hours upon completion. The form provides us with information that will make your fitness program customized and more specific to your goals, likes and dislikes. 
Payment will be complete during scheduled consultation.
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